Registration & Fee


WorldCDF Associate Membership

French Open is under WCDF organization auspices. All competitors must be registered as a WorldCDF Associated Member for 2019 before the French Open.

WorldCDF membership fee is 17 € : competitor have to pay it online via the profil MyInfo or by bank tranfer before your first registration to an event.

Competitors  Registration

Registration to the FRENCH OPEN event has to be done on WorldCDF website in MyInfo.

⚠️  All competitors must register before May 15th 2019 ⚠️

Competitors have to refer to the WorldCDF rulesbook.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate please contact the event director :

According to the french laws, all competitors must provide a medical certificate stating that they are able to practice dance sports. Please send it , or bring it at the event.


Each competitor Line, Couples*, ProAm and Choreography have to buy a Pass Compet 3d and pay for each dance. Total price for dances won’t be more than for 12 dances even if you register for more dances.

*Couples: each partner have to buy a Pass Compet 3d.

Social and Wheelchair have to buy a Pass Compet 3d but will not pay for dances.

Teams and Troups : each member need a Pass Compet 3d.

Spectators can register at the same time as a competitor via the WCDF website MyInfo: competitor can add as many Spectator Pass 3d as needed.

Without any competitor, spectators can register and pay at the event registration desk directly at the event or pre-register before May 15th 2019 (or March 30th 2019 for early bird fee).

Please find below fees for each Pass, those are applied automatically on the WCDF website MyInfo.

All Competitors must have a Pass Compet 3d Until March 30th 2019 After March 30th 2019
Pass Compet 3d      14+ yo* 40 € 45 €
Pass Compet 3d      – 14 yo* 20 € 25 €
Free pass for children under 10yo
Price per dance** 7 € 8 €
Pass Spectator 3d will be pay at the event or via the profil of a competitor.
Pass Spectator 3d     dancer (Access to the dance floor and workshop) 40 € 45 €
Pass Spectator 3d   non dancer 20 € 25 €
One day or evening fees: payment at the event without registration
Friday evening only 5 €
Workshop & Party 20 €
Saturday evening only after 17h: workshop + dance floor and shows 10 €
Saturday only or Sunday only as non dancer 10 €
Saturday for dancers without workshop & without party 15 €
Free for children – 10yo

* Age at the end of the year 2019


⚠️ Payment has to be done before May 17th 2019 (or March 30th 2019 for early birds fee).

If we haven’t received your payment at your arrival on the event, we will charge you a 15 € extra fee.

Payment by bank order to the account details below: 

Bank name                      SMC
IBAN (International Bank Account Number)


With your payment, please refer the competitor’s full name and WCDF number.


  •  According to French laws, all competitors must give a medical certificate stating that they are able to do dance sports; please send it by, or bring it at the event.
  • All competitors and spectators declare that the organizer and all organization members , are free of any responsibility in case of physical or material prejudice.
  • All competitors and spectators declare to loosen the organizer and member of the organization, of any responsibility in case of physical or material prejudice.
  • Minors are under their parents’ responsibility
  • Smoking is forbidden inside.
  • Alcohol consumption is tolerated within the current limit of French legislation
  • Any consumption of illicit product according to the French legislation, is forbidden .
  •  Any person whose behavior will be considered unacceptable can be expelled without any compensation.
  • By registering, you allow organizer and partners to publish photos or videos where you appear.